“I completed a 3 month Prairie Vascular Fellowship to gain additional expertise in peripheral, structural and complex coronary interventions. Prairie Heart Institute is a leader in advanced cardiovascular care providing the most uptodate and high quality care for their patients.

The physicians at Prairie, particularly Drs Mishkel, Goldstein, Goswami and Rocha Singh, took the time to discuss the case and steps involved in the complex procedures as needed. These physicians had the expertise from being at the forefront of cardiovascular medicine, teaching and performing a large volume of procedures. It was a wonderful experience to learn from the gurus and was satisfying to feel confident that you can provide some of these advanced interventions to benefit your patients. I performed a wide range of procedures including TAVR (TF, TA, Transaortic, Subclavian), EVAR, TEVAR, CTO, Carotid, PFO, Iliofemoral, renal, mesenteric and venous interventions.

The staff in the cath lab, diagnostic center and the support staff were welcoming and supportive throughout the fellowship. Sadie Samson, the fellowship coordinator, has your day organized from start to finish and it helps with participating in as many procedures as possible.

Prairie Vascular Fellowship was an extraordinary experience where the quality of training and skills learnt were more than what I had anticipated. I highly recommend the fellowship to Interventional Cardiologists seeking to advance their skills and expand into the peripheral and structural world.”

Arumugam Narayanan, M.D.

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