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Our values around quality,  safety, communication, and service put patients at the heart of everything we do.


Welcome to Prairie Cardiovascular

Prairie Cardiovascular is a pioneering organization. Its history dates back to 1979 when James T. Dove, M.D., envisioned a greater cardiovascular practice in central and southern Illinois based on the motto “Quality, Compassionate, Personal Care.” The care patients receive at Prairie goes far beyond technical excellence.

In 1982, when Dr. James Dove founded Prairie Cardiovascular in Springfield, Illinois, it was his intention to deliver state-of-the-art heart care to patients while still providing them compassionate, personal care. He succeeded in establishing that platform of excellence for Prairie.

Prairie currently has more than 70 board certified physicians and 45 clinic sites in Illinois. Prairie is a national leader in the innovation and development of new diagnostic and treatment procedures and continues to advance medicine with a very active research program.

board certified physicians

clinic sites in Illinois

Prairie’s mission was created from this simple motto:

“To optimally serve our patients and their physicians in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease with compassion and dignity, assurance of quality, research and education.”

Unique Care

Prairie has created unique programs designed to better serve our patients and the communities that we serve. From STAT Heart to See You in 7, Prairie puts your heart first. 

Unique Treatments

Prairie has pioneered innovative treatments that get you back to your life in less time and with shorter recovery. 

A Unique System

Since 1875, the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis have been caring for patients in Illinois, Wisconsin and other locations in the United States and across the world. Today, Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS) is a multi-institutional health care system that cares for patients in 14 communities in Illinois and Wisconsin. 

With 15 hospitals, scores of community-based health centers and clinics, nearly 2,300 physician partners, and more than 14,600 colleagues, HSHS is committed to its mission “to reveal and embody Christ’s healing love for all people through our high quality Franciscan health care ministry.”

HSHS continues to advance its mission through its care integration strategy by working closely with physician partners in Illinois and Wisconsin to deliver high quality, patient-centered care. Together, we strive to ensure each patient who enters our system has seamless access to health and wellness programs, primary and specialty care, and acute and post-acute care. 

Through their commitment to our care integration strategy, HSHS physician partners coordinate closely with our hospital and clinic colleagues to provide our patients with holistic care that meets their individual needs.

By leveraging the latest technology, emphasizing the importance of relationships, and living its values, HSHS is making a positive difference in the lives of the patients and families it is privileged to serve.

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Gretchen Peters-Hantel

Double artificial valves replaced by TAVR

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The Doctors of Prairie are national leaders in heart and vascular care.