“I am fortunate to have completed a two month Prairie Vascular Fellowship.

Unfortunately during my one year interventional cardiology fellowship I had little exposure to peripheral vascular interventions.  I imagine that many graduating fellows from interventional training programs are coming to the same realization I had – one year is barely enough to cover the coronary curriculum not to mention the ever evolving fields of vascular and endovascular medicine and structural heart disease. It has become essential to have additional areas of expertise to better care for our complex patients.  In addition many practices are actively seeking physicians with these advanced skills.

I learned about the Prairie Vascular Fellowship from a company representative at a conference.   It was not long after discussing my goals of enhancing my knowledge of vascular medicine and my endovascular skills with Dr. Goldstein that I began my training with the Prairie Vascular Fellowship.

My experience during my Prairie Vascular Fellowship perfectly met my expectations. I was able to work with the most renown and experienced interventionalists in the field at one of the most nationally prestigious centers.  I participated in almost all of the cases regardless of acuity and complexity, most of the time as a primary operator. Despite the high volume of the center, the faculty had always the time to make valuable teaching points and ensure that the fellows are meeting their learning objectives.  I found the faculty to be very friendly and approachable. They all treated me as a colleague rather than a fellow, which is something I appreciated after being a trainee for years. I have also enjoyed working alongside a very intimate and supportive cath lab staff.

I developed a particular interest in endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR). I was able to do close to 15 cases in only two months. I have also received a lot of didactic EVAR training and had the opportunity to meet with the vendors from several companies which helped me understand the logistics of the procedure and how to develop an aneurysm practice.

It was certainly time well spent.  I am proudly bringing new expertise and skills to my patients and practice. I know they will appreciate it.

I highly recommend the Prairie Vascular Fellowship and I will be glad to answer any questions. My contacts will be available through the program coordinator.”

Georges Tanbe, M.D.

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